Our company undertakes with reliability, validity, comprehensive expertise and excellent service especially at all levels of our work and also of any sectors we can help you - advise - or suggest the following services:

  1. Petroleum burners installation
  2. Gas(LPG) burners Installation
  3. Petroleum burners maintenance
  4. Gas(LPG) burners maintenance
  5. Petroleum burners repairs
  6. Gas(LPG) burners repairs
  7. Petroleum burners configuration
  8. Gas(LPG) burners configuration
  9. Boiler cleaning
  10. Burner's parts & consumables sales
  11. Boilers sales
  12. Automation devices - controlers check
  13. Safety devices check
  14. Internal Return Rate measurements
  15. Issue of YPEKA certificates & combustion control sheet
  16. As well as a range of work required at the space of the Boiler room or the rest of the building

At the same time we upgrade the quality of our knowledge on the subject of our business through cooperation with companies and through training seminars & exhibitions made for similar object.The main reason is the evolution of ideas and proposals for any space required with updated and modern materials, while using all appropriate electronic and digital instruments market.

Moreover proper maintenance of all the devices of your heating system is indispensable in order to achieve better performance and fuel economy. Proper and regular maintenance of the burner is necessary so you could earn up to 50% fuel savings because otherwise the burner usually works at higher temperatures thus having increased fuel consumption. Moreover it can save you money as you ensure the durability of your burner over time! Ensure proper operation of facilities, the maximum efficiency with the least cost (fault - consumption) and increase the life of your boiler-burner plus all the parts of your boiler room with proper maintenance.

Contact us for further information, to get a quote, or to solve your system's malfunction.

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